My interests in French language

It all started when I was sophomore in High school and I had to choose another language to study that it is in curriculum.   I was already bilingual as it is since I came
United States from European country.  The thing was that my native language was not in the curriculum of the school to be studied. So I had to choose third language to study while I was perfecting my English…  It was quite an experience, I had no idea what to choose the choices were Spanish or French.  Spanish I heard all around me so it was not new to me..  I thought,why not try something new and exciting so I picked French, I can always drop the class and switch to Spanish .  I had no choice anyway had to study any language in order to graduate.  It turned out that taking French was right on target. I loved it and am still loving it became my interests and I continued to study through out  my college years.  I discovered that I have talent to learn languages and learn them effectively.   Now I am going to all kinds of websites French ones and the ones that one can practice, and do exercises in French to perfected .   I would like to get back into having contact with people who speak French perfectly to practice and maintain my interests and keep improving and learning  and to grow as of now I am not in school and  I miss using it … As any interests and passion you have to practice and use it to grow and develop your skill.  Although I am listening to French music and reading books whenever I can , I need to have someone to communicate with…

I am seeking contact with people who I can write with in that language to improve and grow  my french …


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