Discovery of how easy to loose weight

How to loose weight easily without no gimmicks takes dedication and character plus strong will if you want to look great.  It really isn’t that complicated as it looks.  I experimented on myself because I have tendency to gain weight not huge amount of pounds but not fitting into my clothes…  As you probably know reducing the intake of carbs is a must it does not have to be painful by giving up sweets and chocolate you can still eat those things…The key to this is moderation… How to do this with out depriving yourself and being hungry  all the time I know how you feel I have been there many times ….I did diets many times got the results and then hit back the same routine again… I was frustrated … I was even depressed . I had to do something.

So I started eating less they say breakfast is most important meal of the day right? Make it primary make it the meal of the day to last until the lunch time . So eat carbs early for breakfast  like slice of bread or two if you are hungry and coffee .   After breakfast stay busy so you do not think of food , if you do drink alot of fluids during the day tea like herbal, fruit any type of tea green tea will do …You have to move during the day have some physical activity that makes you sweat that makes you burn calories.   Lunch  one can eat at 3pm or 4pm  during that time if you are hungry eat healthy snacks like peanuts, dry fruits, raw fruits they will keep you full .   Do not eat supper . If you have to eat something light like oatmeal or piece of fruit…This will make your digestion easy at night when you go to bed a little  bit hungry.

If you have comments write to me I have tried this on my own dealing with my weight gain…


One comment on “Discovery of how easy to loose weight

  1. I am using this method recently and so far so good I can keep you posted with my results and updates. So far I lost 7 pounds…but you have to be in control of your eating and physical activity exercise .


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